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We hope that states and private agencies employing gambling treatment counselors will use these requirements as a starting point of minimal acceptable competency and qualification. Each state is then encouraged to build on requirements and add local criteria they feel will best serve their client population. For example, in states with more treatment agencies available, then more hours of supervised experience, or other specific components of training and CEUs, may be required.

Unfortunately, the growth and availability of treatment services for gamblers and their families is not uniform on a national level. So consequently, we have attempted to identify a "common denominator" for basic counseling skills and a minimum of specific gambling training as a national criteria. It is our attempt to create not 50 different state criteria for gambling counselor certification, but rather one national criteria that may be added to, by each state as they see fit. It is our intention as a national body, with a voluntary membership, to have no state require less than these stated national requirements. This will allow us to put forth a serious effort to gain recognition and reimbursement for the treatment of pathological gamblers by nationally certified gambling counselors.

As a treatment profession we have learned and gained much from the substance abuse treatment field. It is our hope that we can also gain from their "learning experiences." The field of alcoholism counselor certification is going through a continuous evolution. Currently, the majority of states belong to a national consortium of certified addictions counselors. As we continue to grow we hope to gain a solidarity of spirit, quality standards, and research efforts designed to better help the pathological gambler and families looking for help. Fees for membership and examinations shall be set by the International Gambling Counselor Certification Board. This Board will maintain itself independently of other organizations. It is our intention that these standards will be evaluated and thereby conform to those established and maintained by regulatory bodies in each state for C.A.C.s or their equivalent.
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