Board Approved Clinical Consultant (BACC) Certification

The following is an outline of the requirements for certification as a Board Approved Clinical Consultant (BACC):

  • Graduate Degree or equivalent, subject to IGCCB approval (i.e., advanced certification in addictions or mental health including their recognition at a supervisory level by a state or International certification organization) from the behavioral health field from an accredited institution.
  • Maintain both an ICGC-II (Internationally Certified Gambling Counselor, level II) for 2 years and appropriate state licensure or certification as a qualified health professional and equivalent that allows for independent practice.
  • Demonstrated experience of at least three years as a clinical supervisor in a clinical setting.
  • Completion of at least 12 hours of course works classes, in-service education or seminars on “how to do clinical supervision.”
  • Have expertise and experience in the content area of disordered gambling as demonstrated by both of the following:
    a. Have a minimum of 4,000 hours of direct contact clinical work with individuals with a gambling disorder and/or person affected by disordered gambling. This can include the 2,000 direct contact hours documented for completion of the ICGC-II requirements.
    b. Have a minimum of one year of work with individuals with a gambling disorder and/or person affected by disordered gambling post the date of ICGC-II certification.
  • Two letters of reference, one of which is from a current BACC, that address supervisory and clinical competence in the field of gambling disorder treatment.
  • IGCCB reserves the right to require a written analysis of a case example provided by the IGCCB and/or an oral interview to further assess an applicant’s qualifications.