MGC Research Snapshot: Massachusetts Sports Wagering Research

December 2023

This snapshot contains findings from two reports: one prepared by the Massachusetts Gaming Commission (MGC) and one prepared by the Social and Economic Impacts of Gambling in Massachusetts (SEIGMA) team.

The MGC research applies previous research, as well as responsible gaming principles, to provide recommendations for sports wagering policy and practice. The SEIGMA research, conducted before sports wagering was legalized in Massachusetts (MA), provides an overview of the impacts that may occur with the introduction of legal sports betting to MA. This research identifies the social and economic outcomes associated with the introduction of sports betting to date and based on this analysis, provides specific policy recommendations intended to optimize the economic and social benefits of sports betting in MA while minimizing social and economic harm.

MGC Research Snapshot: Community Perspectives on Encore Boston Harbor Casino

October 2022

This report presents community perspectives on the introduction of the Encore Boston Harbor Casino and how it has affected the day-to-day quality of life in its surrounding communities. Participants expressed concerns about the effects of Encore on health. This included participants who expressed beliefs about negative mental health effects on community members and some who expressed beliefs that Encore has contributed to more problem gambling and gambling-related financial and relationship harms. Recommendations include reinvesting money into nearby communities, support and resources for people who experience problem gambling, and engaging more actively with community members. Key points for providers are bolded/italicized throughout this snapshot.