Training Approval Options and Benefits

IGCCB will only recognize pre-approved trainings for certification and recertification. Make sure you get your programs approved in advance. We offer two paths to make it as easy as possible for you and your organization. Email with any questions.

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Recognition as IGCCB Preferred Provider

Listed in IGCCB online directory of Training Providers and IGCCB Newsletter

Use of IGCCB logo on webinars and promotional materials

Opportunities to serve on committees, projects and other activities with the board

Unlimited license to distribute Exam Study Guide

Access to updated training materials

IGCCB Training Provider Applications

ICGC-I Application

International Certified Gambling Counselor-I

IGDC Application

​​International Gaming Disorder Certificate

Clergy Lay/Minister Application

​​International Clergy Lay Minister Certification

Certified Gambling Trainer Application

Gambling Trainer Certification

ICGC-II Application

International Certified Gambling Counselor-II

ICOGS Application

International Co-Occurring Gambling Specialist

Approved Training Outlines

IGCCB has approved the following Training Outlines for each certification or certificate. Any training programs developed and conducted should follow the contents of the corresponding Training outline. You have the freedom and flexibility to address these training topics in any format; we simply ask that you adhere to the content to demonstrate high standards of quality and expertise. 

Training Provider Approval Process

  • Provider submits application
  • Committee reviews application
  • Decision – YES, NO, need more information
    • Yes = letter emailed (marketed on website/newsletter)
    • No = send letter with reason for denial (not problem gambling, not
      qualified presenter)
    • Maybe = request additional information including a due date

The committee can decide not to approve the training if:

  • The applicant fails to pay within a reasonable timeframe (60 days)
  • The applicant fails to provide materials requested by approval committee in a
    timely manner
  • The applicant does not meet educational requirements of the designated
  • Presenter is not qualified

If Committee decides not to approve the training, the provider (applicant) can
appeal the decision by doing the following:

  • Providing new information to support a second review (new presenter, new
    content, etc.)
  • Explanation of why they want reconsideration

Training FAQ

What are the next steps after the application is approved?

Once you are approved by the IGCCB Training Approval Committee, you will receive an approval letter, and will be assigned an approval training number to use for those who complete your training for CEUs.  The IGCCB will include your approved training on the IGCCB website so participants may sign up.

What are the preferred provider requirements?

In order to be a preferred provider, you will need to offer basic or level one
training and offer 5 or more additional trainings per year.  You will also need to use qualified trainers in Gambling and Gaming, preferably IGCCB certified professionals. You will also need to submit records after each calendar year.

What are the requirements for trainings in the preferred provider option?

The trainings must include training course descriptions, learning objectives, post examination, and training course evaluations.

If the training is under Basic/Advanced is the fee for the year or each training?

  • For single submissions for unlimited trainings throughout the one year period
  • $210 for IGCCB certified professionals
  • $300 for not certified with the IGCCB

How do I become a certified professional with the IGCCB?

To become certified professional with the IGCCB, you must have an IGCCB
certification.  This includes:

  • ICGC Level I & II
  • IGDC
  • Clergy Certificate

How do I know if the training is IGCCB Approved?

The approved trainings will appear on the IGCCB website for potential IGCCB certified professionals to take for certification or recertification.

What is the discount policy?

The IGCCB will be honoring the IGCCB certified professionals with discounts. For the trainings it will include:

  • $7/CE for IGCCB certified professionals
  • $10/CE for not certified with IGCCB

How is the preferred provider different from the Basic or Advanced Training Options?

The basic/level I trainings and the advanced training options are for one time offered trainings.  The preferred provider option involves 5 or more trainings being offered throughout the year.  The preferred provider comes with a yearly flat fee, whereas the Basic and Advanced training are paid for everytime they are distributed.  If the training is under the preferred provider option, they receive other benefits such as: recognition from the IGCCB, be listed in the IGCCB online directory of training providers and will be included in the IGCCB newsletter.  Other benefits include ability to use the IGCCB logo on webinars and promotional materials, opportunities to serve on committees, projects, and other activities with the board, unlimited license to distribute the exam study guide and accessibility to updated training materials.

What are the benefits of being a preferred provider as opposed to Basic/Advanced Training?

The benefits include:

  • Listing in Online Directory of Training Providers
  • Recognition as IGCCB Preferred Provider (PP Logo)
  • Use of IGCCB logo on webinars and promotional materials
  • License to exam study guide for individual distribution
  • Access to updated training materials
  • Opportunities to serve on joint projects, committees, and other activities
    with the board
  • Promotion of trainings in mass communication/newsletter

The Basic /Advanced level trainings do not have these additional benefits.
Does the discount apply if one of multiple trainers are certified with the IGCCB? The IGCCB discount only applies to the applicant submitting the training form, not just the trainers.



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