Certification Standards for Gaming & Gambling Disorder Professionals


ICGC counselors must demonstrate a specific number of hours in gambling-specific training, clinical experience treating individuals with a gambling disorder, and successful completion of the Certification Examination for Gambling Counselors.

International Gaming Disorder Certificate (IGDC) NEW

This certificate aims to increase the number of counselors able to address gaming disorders in their current outreach, prevention, and clinical settings. Best-practices and evidenced based approaches are emerging for the treatment of gaming and digital misuse, as well as the intersection with problem gambling and gambling disorders. Other high risk groups for co-occurring issues include other mental health and substance use disorders. 

Clergy Certification

​The IGCCB Clergy / Lay Ministers Certification is designed to provide basic knowledge about gambling addiction and treatment and recovery resources, to enhance the clergyperson’s skills at recognizing at-risk, problematic and disordered gambling, and to provide information for the family on dealing with their loved one’s addiction. 


BACC certification ​denotes ICGC-II counselors who have acquired sufficient training, clinical experience, and supervision skills and are approved to provide supervision to ICGC applicants.

International Co-Occurring Gambling Specialist Certificate (ICOGS)

This certificate aims to increase the capacity of substance use and mental health treatment programs and counselors to address gambling problems in their clients. The ICOGS is specifically designed to be relevant to counselors working with clients with primary substance use and mental health disorders who have co-occurring gambling problems.

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