Kindbridge becomes the world’s first dedicated teletherapy organization for Gambling and Gaming treatment

The International Gambling Counselor Certification Board (IGCCB), established to represent best practices in the treatment of disordered gaming and gambling, is proud to recognize Kindbridge for their dedication and commitment to upholding the standards in the Gaming and Gambling Disorder treatment fields.

Founded in 2020, Kindbridge’s vision is to build the largest network of mental health treatment providers with a specialization in gambling and gaming disorders in the United States. Kindbridge has today announced a collaborative effort to work cooperatively with IGCCB to ensure all Kindbridge mental health professionals meet the IGCCB Certifications and standard for gambling and gaming professionals in the US. This is the first dedicated teletherapy organization for Gambling and Gaming treatment to support the IGCCB Certifications and standards.

“Never before have we seen such a convergence of gambling and gaming disorders in prevention, intervention, and recovery. IGCCB continues to lead the field, internationally, with evidence-based and best-practices certifications in problem gaming and gambling. We commend Kindbridge’s decision to ensure all of their mental health professionals receive specialist training and adhere to the highest clinical standards for their clients.” – Jeremy Wamper, President, IGCCB.

The IGCCB commends Kindbridge’s effort, acknowledging the level of dedication and focus they have committed to supporting clients with gaming and gambling problems. Kindbridge’s pledge will help to ensure a fully qualified network of gaming and gambling addiction professionals.

“Gambling and gaming is growing fast in the U.S. across a number of states. For the majority, gambling and gaming will remain an enjoyable form of entertainment; but for a small but significant percentage, it will lead to problems that can be catastrophic for the individual, their families and for organizations. I am delighted to announce our commitment to our gambling and gaming clients to receive the highest clinical care and support” said Daniel Umfleet, CEO of Kindbridge.

It is estimated that seven million U.S. adults suffer from gambling problems, and eight million from problematic gaming. With the gambling landscape and nascent gaming environment in America evolving rapidly, Kindbridge is at the forefront of addressing gambling and gaming-related harms with essential counseling and treatment services.


Kindbridge is the world’s first teletherapy company with a focus on the successful treatment of gambling and gaming addictions. Launched in 2020 Kindbridge is a centralized, value-based approach to delivering timely, efficient, and effective care on-demand across the US. Kindbridge provides diagnoses and treats problematic gambling & gaming, and co-ocurring disorders in a teletherapy setting. This allows clients to access counseling and a treatment plan from their own home. Using the highest quality HIPAA compliant virtual technologies, therapists connect with clients in an efficient and confidential manner. Using this virtual ecosystem keeps clients safe, distanced, and healthy, while connected to the support and individualized treatment best suited to their needs.


IGCCB is in support of Gambling Treatment Diversion Court


IGCCB supports the Gambling Treatment Diversion Court and invites its certified professionals to also show their support.

Judge Cheryl Moss established and presided over the Gambling Treatment Diversion Court (GTDC) in Clark County, Nevada for over two years.  This has been the only active GTDC in the country and even the world. Judge Moss would like to bring GTDCs to New Jersey and possibly other states.

The New Jersey GTDC Advisory Group was recently created by Judge Moss as Assemblyman Daniel Benson in Hamilton drafted legislation to establish GTDCs in NJ. It is comprised of individuals from all over the world, many of whom are experts in our field. Judge Moss is inviting you and your colleagues to participate in the Advisory Group. The expectations are not time consuming as the Advisory Group members remain as resources for technical or general questions relating to their knowledge and expertise in problem gambling issues. 

Should you decide to participate in the Advisory Group, please let George Mladenetz know. The following links will provide information regarding the GTDC and the work of Judge Moss.

Please feel free to disseminate this information to colleagues, especially those who are involved in the legislative process. Should you have any questions or need further information, contact George Mladenetz, Clinical Consultant, M.Ed., ICGC-II, LCADC. He can be reached at or (609) 510-5822.

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